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We are currently offering a pre-order sales price of $10.00, this is a $3.40 discount from retail. After we reach our goal of $300.00 dollars the retail price will be increased to $13.40.

Once we reach our goal, all copies of The Butterfly and I will be shipped out to all buyers at that time. Check back periodically to see how close we are to reaching our target. If you do not have a PayPal account you can still purchase with a credit card. Sorry but shipping costs are not included.

There will only be 100  first edition copies without a bar code. After the first 100 copies are sold, future copies of The Butterfly and I will bear a second edition insert. These second edition books may or may not bear a bar code.

Please accept our apology but we can only accept one order per customer. Sold only in the United States.

Please be part of this extraordinary – out of this world – one of a kind book from source energy.

We appreciate your love and return the love 100 fold.